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Thassos—The Hidden Gem of Greece!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Santorini, Mykonos, Crete—these are the islands a lot of people name when they think about the best islands to visit while in Greece. While it is true that Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete have a well-established reputation for those seeking a memorable vacation, there is one lesser-known island in Greece that a few view as their number one vacation spot—THASSOS!

The sunset in Thassos, Greece.
There is nothing like the sunset or sunrise in Thassos! Image courtesy of Canva

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Where Is Thassos Located?

Thassos is the most northern Greek island, located approximately 4 miles from the northern mainland and 12 miles from Kavala. There is no airport in Thassos; the closest airport is the Kavala International Airport (KVA), also known as "Alexander the Great Airport."

Because there is no airport in Thassos, a visitor seeking to enjoy this hidden gem of the Aegean Sea will need to take a ferry boat. Ferry boats are accessed from two mainland ports—Kerromotti and Kavala. The port at Kerromotti has a more robust schedule, and most visitors select this port as their choice.

What Makes Thassos Spectacular?

Thassos has it all—beaches, mountain villages, green vegetation, fascinating antiquities, great cuisine, and hospitable islanders! There is a laid-back atmosphere—a slower and most-welcomed pace for many who are not in a rush!

Thassos has a plethora of beaches. One of the favorite beaches on the island is Golden Beach. Here, you'll find the sand with a "golden" appearance and the water "glisten" under the sun. It is also surrounded by dense vegetation, with Mount Ypsarion in the background.

"Thassos may be one of the most underrated islands in Greece."

Thassos is home to Mount Ypsarion, located at the center of the island. This mountain is volcanic in origin and, from its peak, hosts some of the most breathtaking views of Thassos!

What Are the Weather and Climate Like?

Thassos is known for quite cold, rainy winters and hot, sunny summers. The hottest month to visit Thassos on average is in July, with the average high being around 90 °F. The coldest month to visit Thassos on average is January, with the average low being around 34 °F.

Precipitation is not abundant; winter is the wettest season, while summer is the driest. The wettest months on average to visit Thassos are October, November, and December, with the accumulation being 2.2” of rainfall.

Typically, the best time to visit Thassos for a beach vacation is summer, from June to August. On average, June has 10 hours of sunshine per day, July has 12 hours per day, and August has 11 hours per day.

Is It Safe to Visit?

It is always a good idea to perform a "background check" before you visit another country to determine if it is safe to do so. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted travel around the world, and it has left a large footprint that is visible for all to see.

Feel free to visit our COVID-19 Resources page which contains a useful tool that will allow you to do a "background check" on the country you desire to visit. Simply enter the name of the country within the search bar and useful links will automatically populate providing you access to COVID-19 warnings and other travel guidance.

Why Should I Visit?

Are you looking for your dream vacation, but don't want all of the tourist commercialization that comes with it? Do you enjoy beaches, mountains, the ancient past, unique delicacies, picturesque landscapes, and genuine hospitality? Then, by all means, consider Thassos!

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